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Salsa dancing: passion, fitness and fun
Dancing salsa is a great way for people of all ages to get and stay in shape. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits.
Salsa dancing is passion
Add that Latin flavour to your life. One of our Latino Salsa teachers will show you the moves. Come along and discover why salsa is the most passionate dance in the world.
Salsa, dance your way to fitness
Dancing salsa helps to reduce stress, increase energy, increase muscle tone and improve coordination. Salsa has a rhythm that gets everyone of any age and ability. Have a blast and burn some serious calories with this Latin dance favorite
Salsa dancing is fun
Classes provide a safe, supportive environment where it's OK to make mistakes, step on your partner's feet or bump into the couple next to you. Salsa is great fun!

Salsa your way to health, fitness
But salsa does not just boost your physical health. There is something about the music that irrepressibly lifts the spirits. It is a happy sound. People associate it with the fun-loving aspects of Latin American culture. And like any exercise, dancing releases feel-good endorphins in the brain.
Dance is all about moving to a rhythm. Salsa dance is therapeutic because it is a unique way for people to express themselves and make connection with others. There is a cathartic aspect to dance. It also helps people regain pride and feel good about themselves.
Salsa: Passion, Fitness and Fun
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What is Salsa ?


What is this thing called Salsa? Have you ever wondered what the word "Salsa" means or its history? It is not something easily defined, as it did not stem from one specific place or person. Instead, it is a combination of multiple roots and cultures as well as the creativity many different persons. In general, Salsa evolved as a distillation of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances.


While it is definitely more than just Cuban, a large part of the dance originated on the island. The French who fled from Haiti brought the Danzón or the country-dance of England/France to Cuba. This dance began to mix with the African rhumbas such as Guaguanco, Colombia and Yambú. Added to this is the Són of the Cuban people, which was a mixture of the Spanish troubadour (sonero) and the African drumbeats. This type of syncretism occurred in other places like the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Puerto Rico, albeit not at the same grand level and manner as in Cuba.


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